Spotlight: Dengue Fever

My high school biology teacher was quite the character. He made the class so fun for me, though I struggled to get an A on almost every test. If we finished a class early or had some free time one way or another, he’d take to the lectern and tell us a crazy story from … Continue reading Spotlight: Dengue Fever



I once had a conversation with a friend about racial and gender diversity in mainstream media. At one point, he said something along the lines of “It doesn’t really matter. If, say, a superhero is a white dude, it doesn’t mean people with different genitalia or skin colors can’t look up to them.” By all … Continue reading Representation

Common Pediatric Illnesses: What I See on a Daily Basis

When your kid gets sick, it’s kind of a big deal. Because they haven’t been around long enough to develop certain immunities, it’s best to take your kid to see a medical professional if they have the markings of a seriously uncomfortable illness. Most times, it’s nothing that a breathing treatment or antibiotic can’t fix, … Continue reading Common Pediatric Illnesses: What I See on a Daily Basis

The Good and the Bad: Benzodiazepines

In an effort to lessen the financial burden of college, I’ve been seeking scholarships to apply for. One in particular prompted me to explore the medical uses of benzodiazepines. Below is my response. I’m a sophomore undergraduate student, working as a medical scribe at a physical medicine and rehabilitation clinic. One of the things we … Continue reading The Good and the Bad: Benzodiazepines