My Scribing Company

I'm not directly employed by any of the clinics I work at. Rather, I'm part of a scribing company and am contracted out to work at different places. I think this model is probably preferable because this way, the clinic itself doesn't have to deal with the training, scheduling, and management of scribes and as … Continue reading My Scribing Company


What Kind of Illness Warrants a Day Off Work?

When I started scribing, I was amazed that most of the doctors I worked with would report to work even with a raging case of the flu. They'd drug themselves up, maybe put on a mask if they were too contagious, and get to work. Many of them cited the fact that they couldn't afford … Continue reading What Kind of Illness Warrants a Day Off Work?

ADHD – Subtypes and Adderall

Part of the daily schedule at the peds clinic is checking in with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) patients, who are often--if not always--on some sort of controlled substance. Amphetamine prescriptions for our clinic’s purposes are doled out with three, one-month, physical paper prescriptions at a time (as opposed to electronic, or “e” prescriptions. Not … Continue reading ADHD – Subtypes and Adderall